Blue Glass Solar Water Bottle 16 ounce (Each)

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Drink The Sun!

Accept no substitute. 16oz Blue Glass Solar Water Bottles direct from EZ-Solar Bottles. Complete with re-manufactured closure cap for easy open and close handling.

Now you can enjoy the advantages of Blue Bottle Solar Water in this stunning 16oz Cobalt Blue Glass Bottle. Perfect travel size for the home, gym, car or out and about. Harmony, bliss, peace and purity.

There are many benefits from using these bottles for your everyday drinking water. The key is the Cobalt Blue Glass not plastic. Simply fill your bottles with spring, distilled or tap water and place them in the sun for 20 - 30 minutes. Unconfirmed reports have shown that in doing so, will raise the frequency of the water using the sun's rays to help purify and change the structure of the water molecules.

My family and I use these at dinner and the kids love the blue water. I have several going at my office and I leave one of these in my car instead of the plastic spring water bottle. If the sun hits it, I no longer have to worry about the plastic leaching into my water.

Water is essential for life. We can go without food longer than we can without water so drink up. Here's to your well being and thank you for your business.

IMPORTANT: When placing your bottles in the sun, make sure that it is un-capped, as change in temperature can result in change of pressure which could compromise the integrity of the glass. We will not be responsible for broken bottles once they are received in good condition.

Not recommended for Beer, Kombucha or other carbonated beverages as this may allow carbonation to escape and cause the product to go flat.

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