Natural Foam Soap Pump with 50mL HDPE Bottle (100 pack)

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Products Desciption
Convenient (50mL, 1.7oz) size bottles are perfect for product samples, givaways and personal size carry item. Ideal for pockets, purses and traveling.

Translucent ("natural") thick-walled HDPE bottle with natural color pump and clear overcap. Colored product shows through the frosted looking bottle.

Bottle, including pump and overcap is 5 1/4" tall and approx. 1 1/4" in diameter.

Volume dispensed per pump is 0.4 mL, 120 - 125 pumps per bottle.

Sold by the 100 Pack.

BPA Free Questions and Concerns: Our bottle manufacturer knowingly do not add BPA or Phthalates to the HDPE bottles produced for our customers.

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  • Model: BF50-100NN
Reviews (1)

These foamers are great! Perfect for airline travel, a great size for my customers, and the pricing helps keep my costs down...thumbs up!

Alicia R.