Water Ionizers

Tyent has the most advanced alkaline water ionizers available today.


Our most advanced 11- Plate H2O Ionizer.

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Largest Plate Surface Area in the Industry

Our 9-plate and 11 plate Turbo units have the largest, thickest and highest-quality plates in the industry. Larger plates mean stronger pH and greater alkaline and acidic water capabilities, which makes Tyent the leader in producing the strongest negative ORP currently available. The medical grade, strengthened titanium plates are dipped multiple times in the highest quality platinum. After our plates are dipped multiple times in platinum, they are baked to ensure quality and longevity. Tyent was the first water ionizer company in the United States to offer a 9-plate water ionizer and is currently the only company that offers two types of residential 11-plate water ionizers.


Solid/Mesh Hybrid Plate

All Tyent Water Ionizers come standard with medical-grade Solid/Mesh Hybrid plate technology. Solid/Mesh Hybrid plates offer the durability of solid plates with the extensive surface area of mesh plates. Our engineers begin the Tyent plate-making process with the thickest and longest plates in the industry, and then they incorporate cutting-edge electrolysis distribution methods for maximum electrical conductivity.

Fully Adjustable Presets

Tyent was the first company to offer full adjustability to each individual alkaline and acidic preset. Our advanced computerized SMPS Plus power system gives you 55 adjustable power settings so you can create the perfect glass of ionized alkaline water based on your source water. The water that flows from your faucet has specific characteristics that should not be ignored. Tyent’s advanced computerized control system ensures optimal performance based on your unique source water. Tyent’s adjustability option will give you the flexibility to create great water, no matter where you live.

One-Touch Technology

Our machines are the only machines in the industry that have a true one-touch technology. With only one touch of an icon on the control panel, you can have clean, healthy water anytime you want. Tyent water ionizers are easy enough for children, seniors and everyone in between to operate with a single touch.




Highest Antioxidant Production Levels

Our bodies use antioxidants to protect us from the harmful effects of free radicals. Free radicals cause damage to our cells and contribute to disease and premature aging. Antioxidants help reduce oxidative affliction and free-radical damage caused by an assortment of daily factors such as UVA/UVB exposure, stress, pollution, pesticides and more. Premium Tyent Water contains antioxidants. Scientific research has shown that Tyent Water Ionizers have the highest antioxidant production levels available in ionized alkaline water.


Our most advanced 11- Plate H2O Ionizer.